matrix program of P. p. Gariaev

What is the matrix program of P. p. Gariaev;
Matrix — programs p. Gariaev are quantum-sound mappings (matrices) of a healthy state of a person, which have a healthy, restorative and rejuvenating effect on the human body. The order of using programs Use programs better in the morning, afternoon and evening. Sometimes, in case of severe painful conditions, programs can be used around the clock — in the repeat mode. It should be noted that after a day or two, the user may experience small painful sensations, but they quickly pass. This is natural, since the human body is gradually rebuilding, adapting to a new healthy state. If you have a longer exacerbations need to stop listening for a few days, and then resume. Or, if the photo is chosen unsuccessfully, you can use new ones. Programs recorded from the blood, placenta and photos of children work primarily for those who gave these samples, and also (but usually to a lesser extent) for their close relatives (parents, brothers, sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers, etc.). For the child himself, it is wise to use his own program if he is seriously ill. And when it matures, there is a “green corridor” for using our programs. If you get into it, then the positive impact is realized with a high probability. If not, it should not be expected. What does it mean to get into the «green corridor»? This means — the photo should have a Healthy Child and Odin (no one holds it and isn’t standing next to it), Matrix Gariaev July 03, 2010

The basic model of the LGN-303 laser, which we use to transfer the wave equivalent of genetic-metabolic information from the Donor to the Recipient. It is planned to create a laser in the blue region of the spectrum, which will be even more effective.
Speech by Acad. P.Garyaev at Moscow State University at a seminar on synergetics in November 2010

audio recording of the seminar

 This is a series of audio files made up of a melody3. Transformation transformation transformation 4 4 4 4 4

Matrix programs on disks (CD) in mp3 format (sound in the frequency range of human speech):

1st program — correction of the immune system.

The 2nd program is a correction of the metabolism of the bone and circulatory systems, as well as the brain.

3rd program — oncology.

4th program — correction of the general metabolism.

The 5th program, the 1st option of inhibiting aging, slows down aging at the current age of the patient. Recently, it became clear that it also blocks many types of oncological processes.

6th program – 2nd version of the inhibition of aging. It is based on the recording of the MSHI spectrum of stem cells of the patient’s root hair bulb. It inhibits aging at the current age of the patient.

The 7th program is antidiabetic. Now ALL programs are made so that they work INDIVIDUALLY, i.e. to a specific patient and cannot be transferred to other people, because in this case they stop working and can even be harmful. It is very important to understand here that these programs are not any artificial speech constructs that we create that are introduced into the human genetic apparatus.1 — the 5th and 7th programs are recordings of radio wave equivalents of various biologically active substances, known and proven substances, such as extracts of ginseng, eleuterakokka, mummy, royal jelly, etc. And only the 6th program contains the texts of your own DNA at the current time. It is they, the texts of your DNA, that play the main role, significantly slowing down the aging process.

Rules of listening

  1. The recordings are randomly divided into three parts, each of them audition a week. In the future, you can listen to all the parts together. If listening is easy, you can use the entire recording.
  2. Determine which of the recordings is subjectively perceived by the senses as the most well perceived by you and in the future to listen mainly to these recordings.
  3. The volume of the sound should not be large.
  4. It is advisable to listen before bedtime or during sleep through headphones or without them.
  5. Before listening, tune in to the program, completely relax, no extraneous thoughts, focus on your own feelings or just don’t think about anything.
  6. In the first days of listening, some deterioration of state of health is possible, as your body rebuilds, gets rid of toxins. These days it is recommended to take any means that increase immunity.
  7. Read our scientific publications to understand the essence of our research and technology.

Optical image (photo) of a person as an address to the Bomovsky Ecumenical hologram. Technology and results.

The optical image of a person (photo) is something substantially larger than is commonly believed. This is evidenced by our experiments and the practical application of the theory and methodology of Linguistic-Wave Genetics developed by us [P.P. Gariaev, 2009, Linguistic-Wave genome. Monogr;].

In vivo, DNA and DNA preparations are capable of generating phantom field structures in certain conditions that reflect the DNA itself and its immediate environment. Probably, these structures at the cellular-tissue level and beyond it are one of the forms of quantum equivalents of the genetic-metabolic processes used by biosystems.

It seems that the genetic information exists in other, also previously unknown, space-time manifestations associated with the photo images of a person. We received a number of experimental and medical evidence of this. Such work is carried out by us in the framework of the theoretical-experimental model [A.A. Korneev, P.P. Garyaev, 2012, Aspects of the wave translation of genes.] in combination with earlier theoretical developments [Gariaev, Pitkanen, 2011, DNA Deshifer.J]. However, these models are also incomplete and need to be developed using D. Bom’s ideas about the Universe as a mega hologram. Briefly about our latest results in this direction [Prepared for printing]. The methodology of the work is detailed in the cited monographs and the article with Korneev.

We obtained the following results.

  1. The permissive wave long-distance translation of the BLBP gene from rat brain cortex neurons to rat mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) with subsequent selective inclusion of this gene and the biosynthesis of its protein product in MSC is demonstrated. This is an element of programmable quantum control of stem cell cytodifferentiation.
  2. A patient with cerebral hemorrhage (stroke, half body paralysis) returned to a normal healthy state in 4-5 days using the spinor spectrum of her child’s photo.
  3. A patient in a state of cachexia with “incurable” ulcerative colitis was returned to normal in a similar way.
  4. The patient, blind to the right eye, began to see normally in a similar way.
  5. The patient was regenerated by the facial nerve, which was cut during an unsuccessful surgical operation. Restored normal symmetry of the face.
  6. The patient was regenerated at the distal end of the rectum after surgical removal (cancer).
  7. A girl of 4 years old, suffering from “incurable” cystic fibrosis, was cured by a spinor spectrum of a photo of her cousin. It is characteristic that mutation No. 508 (the cause of the disease) is a deletion of several nucleotides in one of the chromosomes, after being cured, it was re-identified. That is, the mutation is left, and the child is healthy. This paradox is removed, given the phantom functions of DNA.
  8. Several menopausal women were returned to the menstrual cycle as a clear physiological marker for a return to a younger state. Their children’s photos were also used.
  9. A special case is when a client who wished to improve his health gave his baby photo taken at the moment of smallpox vaccination, at the moment of maximum reaction to the vaccine. After a week of using the spinor spectrum, the photo of the patient was 60 percent covered with ulcers characteristic of smallpox. The spectrum was quickly obtained from another child’s photo, where the child was in a healthy state. Developmental smallpox was blocked. In general, a return to the diseases and injuries that have been experienced is typical for this applied technology, but a short-term return. Biological time quickly turns over the previously pathological states.
  10. The experiment of Luke Montagnier on the introduction of DNA phantom into pure water was repeated. The difference was that our equipment was used, significantly different from that of Luc Montagnier. In addition, a longer DNA fragment (1600 base pairs) was used. The fragment was amplified from the aqueous phase at + 4 g. Celsius and gel identified by electrophoresis.

The cure mechanism for the above cases is still hypothetical. Probably, the spinor spectrum from children’s photos of patients or their relatives (healthy) is a kind of address to the Bomovsky Hologram of photo donors. It contains healthy corrective information in the composition of the spinor spectrum of the photo. It can be used to treat, including «incurable» diseases.

(The use of matrices does not mean abandoning conventional medicine, but complements it)

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