Wave Genetic Bio-Management nanotechnologies

Wave Genetic Bio-Management nanotechnologies. Theory and empirical evaluation Tertishnii G.G. and Gariaev  P.P. New medicine technologies, №7, p. 49-64 (2007)

In this paper a further development of  previously propounded theory of external quantum management and self management of organisms ‘in vitro — in vivo’ by means of  bio-holographic information is presented. Some of the main works on the topic may be found on WaveGenetics official website — www.wavegenetics.jino-net.ru/.  The present stage of the theory development related to further expanding on bio-symbolic polarization of a laser beam, that is – holographic projection. The process of holographic representation occurs upon scanning of (reading from) matrix genetic nanostructures-donors by a beam of specific bimodal laser. Bio-systems are, in addition, capable of self-scanning and self-correction (self-computing) using their own coherent waves/irradiation of the chromosome continuum in the wave range of 250-800 nanometers. We simply reproduce endogenous nanotechnologies ‘in vitro’.  Under this self-scanning and self-correction (computing), irrespective of whether it be done on a living organism or rather artificially emulated, a pool of wide-spectrum wave information/data is generated, which the organisms utilize for their self-regulation or self-regeneration, whereas we take it for continuing targeted management of the metabolism in bio-systems.  
The theory is supported by mathematical-description/model of polarized-dynamics of selected variations in metabolism of bio-systems produced by the laser holographic projection “in vivo” and “in vitro”. Further, general mechanics of such dynamics of natural and artificial management in bio-systems are discussed, along with some features of the method and the equipment required for the practical experimenting. Empirical data gathered from the previous experiments is examined in the light of the theory and its application, and the correctness of our models of wave genetic functioning of bio-systems is demonstrated.   

Introductory notes 
The term ‘holography’ has its origins in two Greek words – “whole” and ‘image’. Until recently the essence of the holography was limited to the technical method of space 3-Dimentional projection and space-time (4-Dimentional) projection of an object. At present the meaning of holography cardinally expanded and is applied in relation to structures and functions of the cortex and genetical apparatus of living organisms. When we speak of genetic memory we mean that chromosome continuum, just as quantum bio-computer, operates with 4-Dimentional wave images of its own dynamic structures for strategic management of the metabolism. 
Whole and detailed holographic view of an object is obtained when using phase (transparent) building of the object across its entire surface. The method was proposed by 
Dennis Gabor in 1948 and substantially advanced by our scientists. The method is based on interference with coherent eradiation of any origin. For instance, towards a photo-matrix, along with the “signal” wave dispersed by an object another “standard” of “base” wave is directed circumventing the object from the same source of light. The picture created by those two interfering waves, containing all information about the object, is reflected on the photosensitive surface of the photo-matrix. This is the hologram. By irradiating the hologram or its part by the “standard” or “base” wave, it is possible to observe the 3-Dimentional structure-picture of the whole object.  Holography is broadly applied in physics and various areas of technology (recognition of images and of coding, for example), in acoustics (for discovery of internal defects in base metal structures, atomic stations, for example) and so on. Holography has a prospective future when applied in television and cinematography. 

This particular paper (as are some other papers – Ref 2-13, 21, 35-40 ) is in continuation of the research commenced by I.V. Prangishvili.  The scientist enthusiastically supported then new (1997-2001) hypothesis as to holographic qualities of bio-systems and possibility of holographic management of the bio-systems. 
When we say ‘holographic management’ we mean altering of the metabolism and structure of cells as a result of controllable acoustic, light (photonic) or electromagnetic irradiation. 
When we control (manage) bio-systems we transfer holographic information/data from the donor to the recipient. In the course of conducting laser-holographic experiments at a distance in 1997 physics-mathematical description model was put forward providing a foundation for the phenomenon of holographic transfer of information/data from the donor to the recipient. [Ref 9-13, 21]. The essence of the phenomenon is in a specific laser beam passing through the semi-transparent bio-tissues and cells- the donors of wave equivalent of genetic-metabolic information/data. Donors perform as holographic modulators of probing light. This modulation is, in fact, the polarized-phase holographic projection of the structure and mobile metabolic (including genetic) status of the donor. The outcome is an intricate dynamic register/catalog of 4-Dimentional image-commands, which are operated by our quantum bio-computer for the purpose of managing the organism-recipients. Such a bio-computer artificially designed practically reproduces in vitro that which our genetic apparatus does as a natural DNA-wave bio-computer in vivo. [Ref 26]    
For the stable and without distortion memorization of the scanned information/data in vivo in the laser flux a theory was proposed of optical explanation of cells’ nucleus being vibro-resistant polarized sensor-transformers of the dynamic hologram. As a physical foundation for such a transformer a principle of excessive coding of every amplitude-phase dispersing point of an object is laid as polarized quasi-rings of Newton 

Throughout our experiments on pancreas regeneration in rats (Ref 24.2) we conducted vibro-resistant transfer of polarized dynamic holographic information/data from the donor to the recipient. With sufficiently prolonged and targeted near-resonant exposition of the recipient a phenomenon had taken place — holographic management of the recipient’s condition by means of artificially transmitted holographic information/data, emanated from the tissues and cells of the donor. As a result of that exposition stem cells of the recipient receive informational/data impulse to commence differentiation towards post-embryonic morphogenesis with complete reconstruction of the previously destroyed pancreas in the rats under the experiment. 
It is, however, not know as yet which kind(s) of stem cells are involved in the process, the topic of future researches. During the experiments it was found that the main pool of bio-holographic information/data resides in polarized-dynamic modulated Euler angles. This fact can be explicated by that after partially being reflected and passing through of the laser flux via each single point of the tissues and cells of the donor, light cones of dispersed radiation are generated, in which orthogonal-circled polarization irradiated from the laser flux if converted in to space-cones distribution of it.   A crucial progression occurs at this point – interaction between dispersed irradiation of the light cones together with the polarized “standard” “base” wave. The wave is synthesized by the sensor-concerted which can be associates of polarized and active cell nucleuses.
During such an interaction space-dispersed polarized Newton quasi-rings emerge. Living cells – are always metabolically and polarized non-stationary environments/cultures. Nonetheless, light dispersed by such an environment gives Newton quasi-rings, in fact motionless in relation to one another ad in relation to the beginning of the coordinates selected in space in which the donor is present. This occurs due to the relational link between the donor’s points. Variable Euler angles are conditioned by microscopic amplitude vacillation of the donor’s points congruent to dynamic conditions of the cells of the living bio-system. These variable angles represent angles between straight lines which are tangent to mobile polarized quasi-rings and axes of coordinates within which donor’s points are examined.

By the same token it appeared viable to transmit the information/data from the donor to the remote zone where the recipient was situated. By remote zone it is meant the distance considerably exceeding the laser flux wave length of the probing signal. To understand and implement this process a concept of cell nucleuses as being polarized quasi lenses had been propounded. Physics and the mode of operation of such lenses is that they are, as polaroids (поляроиды) and at the same time as a sources of coherent light (250-800nanometers) being present in the environment of cell’s cytoplasmic continuum, scanning their own and cytoplasmic modulations of polarization. In turn, this constitutes the crucial contribution to the synthesis of bio-holograms, the phenomenon which remains the least explained.
These factors solve an issue of dynamic stability of polarized holograms, the feature which turned out to be vital when working with living organisms. With any micro motions of the laser flux in relation to the donor’s tissues/cells that are being scanned or any motion of the donor in relation to the laser flux (as a result of seismic mobility of the fundament upon which the laser is mounted or because of mobility of the donor), lengthways of the donor’s tissues/cells being scanned same relatively stable system of polarized Newton rings manifests itself. In other words, the emerged polarized bio-holographic images having been irradiated by the laser flux appear to be stable, clear and readily recognizable by the recipient’s bio-system as regulatory.

 (Fourier, family name; Jean Baptiste Joseph (1768-1830), French mathematician and physicist). 
When conducting holographic coding and transmission of the information/data we managed to resolve an issue of supplementary retention of surplus.  The supplementary retention of surplus is linked to direct and reverse Fourier-transformation, which includes: 
1.    formation and registration of Newton quasi-rings from every point of the donor, and
2.    their reverse Fourier-transformation.
Direct Fourier-transformation produces a system of Newton quasi-rings for every point of donor’s cells, whereas the reverse Fourier-transformation transforms these rings into duplicate point which are located in the remote zone on the recipient. As a result, the surplus is provided for by the following – when passing through cell nucleus-quasi-objectives (lenses), donor’s each cell structure is being transformed in to the aggregate of voluminous polarized cones of standing light wave of intensity. In case of partial erasure or vibrational dispersion of the Newton quasi-rings which correspond to certain point of the recipient, the remaining number of quasi-rings becomes essential and sufficient for the correct formation of the require (missing) point of the donor. 
These constitute the primary differences and advantages of the method and arrangement of holographic management of the cells’ state in bio-systems described in this paper. Due to the solutions outlined above we managed to achieve polarized-holographic transmission of the information/data without its geometrical and dimensional distortions.
It is noted that in order to obtain a hologram it is possible to used incoherent radiation. However we used coherent light to provide for multiplicity of reverse links, which give a feature of being biologically active to the transmission of holographic-modulated information/data via light, electromagnetic and acoustic channels. Besides, in the “useful” signal outgoing from the donor a polarized hologram is transmitted after having been modulated by vibrating Newton quasi-rings. Modulation of the light beam by the bio-tissue of the donor is transmitted by square photo detector mounted inside the laser tube. Owing to this fact the modulation can be transformed into variable electromagnetic signal. It is of essence that modulating vibration of Newton quasi-rings (rings of intensity) reflects coded polarized-phase dynamic of every single micro fragment of the donor, for instance Liquid Crystal Chromosome. The micro dynamic vibration of these rings (and lines tangent toward them), in turn, also transfer the dynamics of the Euler angles. All this symbolic dynamics (holographic and «ключ замковая»?) resonance-influences on the bio-system-recipient, e.g. on the  Liquid Crystal Chromosomes by programming them isomorphically to the donor.
In this way, polarized-dynamic modulation of the light flux being represented by the Newton quasi-rings is transformed, while in motion, into electromagnetic signal, which modulates the carrying frequency-harmonic of the impulse generator, regulating the micro shifts of the laser resonator’s mirrors. The maximum modulation depth of the working signal is in the range of 0.5 MHz to 1.5 MHz, which can be easily attuned to by any middle-length wave radio receiver.
Furthermore, it is to be mentioned that multiple auditions of that kind of audio signals have been found to be remarkably bio-active. This is relevant to any medium used to be recorder upon and, importantly, it is also irrelevant whether the donor is alive or not. More thorough reports on our observation to follow.

* Disclaimer: This translation and English text editing have been done to the best knowledge and understanding of the translator who is not a specialist in the field although having a good understanding of Russian language and advanced level of English. The reader is encouraged to seek specialist opinion in any event. Extensive resources are used to understand the concepts in order for the translation to be s precise and accurate as possible. Where possible Russian abbreviations are to be preferred as they represent the most accurate references. An approach of  translating the concepts, not the discrete words, has been employed in a belief that this is the most appropriate form of conveying a thought/concept from one language into another; of course a detour from this mode is taken where deemed necessary for the sake of clarity.

 Theoretical substantiation of the possibility of storing, recording and reading (scanning) of dynamic polarized holograms by using informational polymers.

We previously carried out successfully a remote (tens of meters) laser-radio-wave transmission of morphogenetic signals from bio-donor (tissues and cells of a pancreas and spleen of newborn rats) to bio-recipient (rats sick of type 1 diabetes), which triggered regeneration of the pancreas in the body of the sick rats and their complete recovery (other control group of rats not having been treated, died) Ref 24.  This phenomenon requires bio-theoretical and bio-physical explanation since the proof of possible existence of active genetic information in the form of electromagnetic field has principal significant bearing on the entire perception of life. 
It is know that the primary information polymers of cells – DNA and RNA, protein and many other metabolites contain asymmetric atoms of nitrogen, by virtue of which   those metabolites possess optic activity and polarize light.  It is also known that abiogenic nitrogen-containing polymers are, with highly diffractional efficacy, capable of recording dynamic polarized holograms. (Ref 14) It is, thus, appealing to examine the informational polymers – DNA, RNA and proteins as viable storages and substrata of polarized-bio-holographic information/data recordings considering the fact that DNA, RNA and proteins are also nitrogen-containing polymers. Possibly, because of this similarity DNA, RNA and proteins are able to absorb quanta of light with transitions between stable trans-isomer and cis-isomer conformations in polypeptide and polynucleotide chains. Particular interest is drawn to DNA molecule as a “custodian” of polarized-holographic genetic information/data. (Ref 25) and as an analog of abiogenic nitrogen-containing polymers. (Ref 14) The main contribution to the intricate network of energy levels of such polymer molecules in relatively slow processes ( ) is brought by their primary stable conformational states. For DNA this is A, B and Z forms of its conformers. 
Possible photo-isomerization of DNA, RNA and proteins occurring in bio-recipient’s cells when it is irradiated by the polarized-holographic image, can lead to alteration of the orientation of absorbing transition and also the cross-section of the absorbing chromophore and its hyper-polarization capability. In turn, photo-induced change in isomer concentration and their space orientation alter optical properties of the environment, in particular, diffraction index and absorption coefficient. It is assumed that the effectiveness of photo-isomerization transition is defined by the properties of the nitrogen-containing nucleotides sequences of particular DNA and RNA, amino-acid sequences of particular proteins and also isomers’ absorption cross-section, quantum exit of trans-cis-isomerization and influencing light’s parameters which is modulated by the indicated bio-polymers of the bio-donor’s cells. This new polarized state of the light wave, radiated from the bio-donor’s tissue and cells, controls the intensity  and polarization of the informational polymers in the bio-recipient cells. 
Holographic information-laser converter was used to remotely transmit wave genetic signals and/or triggering wave structures. In that converter reciprocal orthogonal of the polarized modes of the probing laser flux provide for an increased probability of maximum alignment or congruence with the large DNA molecule axis and with orientation of DNA liquid crystal directions in the chromosome compound. Optical response of cis-isomer is taken to be isotropic. The compound of the polymer matrix, equally with nitrogen-containing composites, may also include non-photoactive neutral fragments contributing toward optical properties of the compound in question. The photo-induced DNA changes may result in to structural rebuild of the entire DNA polymer sequence. Caused by the light anisotropy of 3D nucleus distribution in DNA liquid crystal continuum (in chromosomes) will, most likely be long-lasting and therefore may be an important factor when the processes (which are responsible for the stable and long term storage of holographic information/data recorded in DNA liquid crystal topological-forms) are analysed.
During the experimental transmission of holographic information/data obtained from the donor to the recipient following effect is observed: around every cell’s hologram of both participants in the near zone a layer of neighboring cell-holograms is settled exchanging holographic information/data with one another and with the central cell (Ref 20). Then each cell, aside from its own polarized-holographic structure and its dynamic properties, also contains holographic information/data about the nearest, neighboring cells. This is, in addition, the very reason of securing the excess and multi-duplication of holographic information/data in bio-systems. 
    Physic-mathematical description of the processes’ dynamics (analogues to photo isomerization and re-orientation of DNA molecules) is given in terms of function of angular distribution density. It is assumed that all three molecular groups being part of DNA: trans-isomer, cis-isomer and neutral molecules – are independent. The system of balancing equations is known (Ref 14) describing the dynamics of functions of isomer abio-gennetic polymers distribution with high polarizational activity.  This, to certain extent, corresponds to processes occurring in DNA molecules when irradiated by circularly-polarized light considering an influence of non-photoactive fragment of the polymer matrix:

Angle   — physical angle function of an angle distribution density of the processes dynamics of molecular photo-izomerization and re-orientation in holographic structure of photo-induced morphogenesis of bio-systems. 
Coefficients    and   characterize speed of isomerization intensity change. In an expanded form their values may be represents as follows:

 It was discovered that neutral molecules also influence the change in parameter dynamics of polymer matrix sequence as a result of photo-orientation.  The influence of the polarized light onto the polymer caused re-orientation of nitrogen-containing parts of molecules, which, in turn, provoke redistribution of its molecular surrounding and as a consequence a change in sequence of нематического  домена nematic liquid crystal ?   . 
Nematic liquid crystal – a structure where the centers of mass of molecules have no long-range order. Sizes of such crystals are in the range of   centimeters. (Ref 15) It is important to reiterate that DNA in chromosomes has liquid crystal structure. (Ref 23) This fact ensures undemanding energy orientation of the directions (napravlenii?) in liquid crystal of that polymer under the influence of weak external and endogenous polarized electromagnetic radiation which leads to emergence of various symbolic topologic structures, individual instance of which is represented by the donor’s holograms. 
It is believed that that relates to discovered phenomena of regeneration of pancreas in rats in situ. (Ref 24) The Regeneration is achieved by means of multiple passages of the polarized wave of the probing laser flux modulated by the donor’s cell hologram. The Result of laser probing of the donor relayed and memorized by liquid crystal continuum of the recipient giving it the required register (catalog, roll) of controlling holograms. The other explanation, complementing the previous: triggering wave signal modulated by the donor is received by hypothetical photosite of the recipient (for instance – stem cells). Such a photosite launches preexisting genetic programs by scheme “the keythe lock” with turning on of specified differentiations and post-embryonic morphogenesis leading to the regeneration of pancreas. (Ref 24).
    Light beam modulation by the donor bio-tissue is transmitted by quadro-photo-detector. It is built in the laser tube. By means of that device modulation is converted into alternate electromagnetic signal. It is important that modulation vibration of Newton rings (intensity rings) reflects coded polarized-phase dynamic of donor’s every single micro fragment, e.g. liquid crystal chromosome. Then micro dynamic vibration of these rings (direct and tangent) transmits the Euler angles dynamics. All this symbolic dynamics (holographic and “the keythe lock”) influence by way of resonance the recipient’s bio-system reprogramming them isomorphically to the donor, e.g. on liquid crystal chromosome. 
Thereby polarised-dynamic modulation of the light beam represented by Newton quasi-rings is transformed into electro-magnetic signal during its motion, which in turn modulates the carrying frequency harmonic of the impulse generator and controls micro motions of mirrors in the laser resonator. The maximum modulated depth of the actual performing signal is allocated within a range of frequencies from 0.5 MHz to 1.5 MHz. These signals of the bio-donors are transformed/converted via radio-receiver in to acoustic spectrums, which, according to the preliminary data, also possess bio-active properties. The same is applicable to abiogenetic donors, e.g. some minerals. 
The wave images with high resolution appearing along with the holographic scenario reflect, in real-time, the genetic-metabolism status of bio-donors. Exactly that is dynamic managing guide for the stem cells of the recipient in accordance with the principle “do as I do” and is supplemented by “ключ замковым” (please explain) triggering variant. As a matter of a fact both these vectors of artificially switched on regeneration are simplified model of endogenous processes after natural post-traumatic acts, for example, regeneration of the lost tail of a lizard or wholeness of planaria. Natural endogenous reconstruction occurs because of inner reserves, that is – “inner marking” (or triggering) radiation of the neighbouring cells near by the damaged cell. 
During the endogenous regeneration dynamic-polarised information of the healthy cells is continually transmitted from the one spherical layer of cells-holograms to the other layer. It must be reiterated that the chromosomes and DNA in vivo emit coherent light in the range from 250 to 800 nanometres (Ref 28), .i.e. are capable of being laser-active (or dynamic). The latter is proven and demonstrated by or experiments on creating DNA and chromosomal coherent emitters in vitro, this is when quasi genetic laser was designed (Ref 33). These data, in slightly modified version, were verified and confirmed by Japanese researchers (Ref 34). 
Chromosomal liquid crystal continuum (as the primary operating element of the genome-bio-computer) is the unity of the two fundamental attributes: 
  the environment of recording and storing the dynamic 4-Dimentional holograms and at the same time it is    the environment of coherent light emission.
One could say that genome is self-emitting and self-scanning system, quantum bio-computer. Our task therefore is to, at least, reproduce that genome attributes (qualities) in vitro, leaning primarily on known laser and holography technologies of the day, and as a result, on the theory of those processes, extrapolating them on (to) the operation of the chromosome apparatus as it appears possible. 
The idea of holographic control of the growth and development of the bio-tissues was confirmed by American scientists (Ref 16) in model experiments on regulation the growth of the vegetative root net under the influence of the slow moving laser light in a nutritious environment. Bio-holographic management had also been demonstrated in (Ref 20) during wave transmission of morphogenetic signals onto plant’s calluses. These realisations of the principles of symbolic-wave influence on the genome confirm theoretical model of holographic “guides” (directives) for the growth and development of bio-systems.

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