Molecular – tissuey “radio stations”

Additional theoretical approaches here, possibly, lie in effects of so called “weak ifluence” [Chukova, 2002]. Apparently regenerative and cytoprotective effects in our experiments bear endoergic character where even weakly absorbed energy of coherent red polarized laser light by the bio-preparations goes in to escalation of Helmholtz free energy accumulated in chemical relations of metabolites of bio-preparations, which leads to significant bio-effects. Atoms of informational molecules (DNA, RNA, proteins), interacting with the laser beam together with the energy of the light quanta also obtain their momentum quantity motion, which creates inversed overpopulation in nuclear zeeman levels, that is – chemical polarization of nucleuses occur. Quantum polarization exit, that is a number of excess kernel spins on the top Zeeman level correlated to the every absorbed quantum of light, can be 30%. Inversely populated protonic-spin system can issue quanta with 6,5∙10-26 Jouls of energy which correspond to frequencies of about 10Mhz [Buchachenko, 1979]. Further advancing the aforesaid, one could consider that when bio-preparations are scanned by the laser beam there appears combinative frequencies, occupying blue and UV diapason. Moreover as we previously suggested in an appropriate model of localized light, there is transformation of frequencies in diapason from 2 omega to zero takes place. [Prangishvili, Gariaev et al, 2000 (b)]. Besides when scanning the bio-preparations there is a presence of wideband radio radiation of the gas discharge laser. Taking this into account, we believe that in our experiments bio-preparations-donors are scanned (“read” by the laser) by way of multiplicity of frequencies. Metabolising chemical compounds of bio-preparations, which interact with dynamically polarized red light of the probing laser (and wide spectrum of additional radiation), can generate electromagnetic radiofrequency oscillations. In this instances the bio-samples of pancreas and spleen “assume” a role of idiomatic organ-molecular radio stations where every type of their molecules possess characteristic frequencies that can be reinforced owing to stochastic resonances. 
From the other hand, certain types of molecules of pancreas affected by alloxan in the ill animals and/or their stem cells in the blood can resonantly absorb such radiation/emission which carries informational component required for launching bio-chemical eactions which lead to regeneration of tissues of the pancreas and protective anti-alloxan processes. This does not exclude significant contributions of the earlier explored concepts/mechanisms related to teleportational and holographic features/properties of bio-preparation-donor’s genome. Let’s have recourse to known theses of chemistry and physics, setting quantum scenario of the genetic-bio-chemical events in question. In the ensemble of molecules-products with inverse population in Zeeman’s reservoir/cavity energy is accumulated; it can be spent in the form of heat (via spin-grid magnetic relaxation), but can also convert in to stimulated radiation at Zeeman’s nuclear frequency. In this case the reaction does, in fact, become radio frequency emitter, quantum generator with chemical pumping (similar to chemical lasers).
This is new phenomenon – radio emission of a chemical reaction – it was predicted in theory and than discovered empirically. It emerges when Zeeman’s cavity/reservoir energy exceeds the generation threshold; the motion of the nuclear spins spontaneously becomes coherent and such coherent system of nucleuses then becomes a quantum generator emittiin in microwave diapason/spectrum. Yet this is only one aspect of chemical radio physics. Chemical reaction can be not only a generator but a receiver of the microwaves. Reception at chemical level follows from principles of spin chemistry: resonant microwave radiation stimulates triplet-singlet conversion of radical couples (or couples of other spin carriers) and alters exit of chemical products. In this way magnetic-spin phenomena make biochemical reaction a receiver of microwave irradiation/emission. Moreover such receiving can be selective. If the microwave pumping touches upon all radical couples (biochemical substratum) then total result boils down to changing the reaction product exit at resonance frequencies. This phenomenon is called reaction yield detected magnetic resonance (RYDMR).
If the “pumping” is selective and involves only radical couples with magnetic nucleuses, a phenomenon is brought about – radio induced magnetic isotopic effect (RIMIE). And, at last, if the microwave “pumping” is selective also in respect of nucleuses’ spin orientation (that is involves ensembles of radical couples with chosen orientation of the nucleuses’ spins.) then stimulated polarization of the nucleuses (SPN) occur. This is linked to so called spin catalysis It is notable for its spin conversion of reagents being induced by paramagnetic particle-spin catalyzer. Conversion occurs as a result of catalyses (ferment) interactive exchange with reagents. Spin catalyzer accelerates recombination of radicals, wax isomerization of compounds with double connections (by seven-eight orders), recombination of spin-polarized atoms and so on. It is possible that spin catalysis functions in bio-chemical processes of the indicated phenomenon of regeneration of pancreas and in cyto-protective effect. At the base of spin chemistry and chemical radio-physics lays manipulation of electronic and nucleus spins. When such manipulations are performed by the chemical reaction itself, magnetic-spin effects appear and among them – generation of microwaves when the reaction becomes molecular radiostation. 
When manipulation with spins occur under microwave influence then other new magnetic effects of the second generation are produces. They serve as indicators of microwave radiation receiving. Spin chemistry and chemical radiophysics are closely related however they have their individual tasks. The former develops new principles of chemical reaction management (including microwaves) whereas the latter possessed significant applied bio-medical aspect to it. 
In relation to version (?) of molecular – tissue radiostations vital question arises about highly permeable ability of modulated wideband electromagnetic radiation (MWER). As far as we remember one group of the animals (rats) in our experiment was placed in to isolated concrete ground level chamber and nonetheless the effect of MWER on the animals was authentically and reliably recorded. If biologically (morphogenetically) part of MWER occupies microwave diapason of Zeeman’s reservoir then that region of MWER spectrum would have been filtrated by the concrete walls of that ground floor bunker where the rats were placed at the time of wave irradiation on them. Yet the rats perceive/receive the radiation. How? 
Possible explanation could be that electrons og Zeeman’s level energies of all metabolites including genetic structures whilst existing in a potential “energy pit/cavity” experience supe fine Lamb shift of those levels by about 1000Mhz. This is allowed by existence of longitudinal atomic kernels of photons causing its longitudinal (electrostatic) field which dipolarly excites the vacuum and with this excitation interact moving orbital electrons of atom. They in turn possess their own electrostatic fields composed of similar longitudinal photons. 
This way the atomic system of electrons (alternating in time) induces around itself a composit alternation longitudinal electric field which in the form of longitudinal electric wave (LEW) moves instantly in the entire surrounding environment infinitely. Umov-Poynting vector of this wave is equal to zero, that is energy-impulse of this given atomic system is not emitted. However there exist vortexes of longitudinal electric Maxwell’s field described by the substantial part of bi- quaternions [Bezin et al, 2003] which are able to transfer information/data which has numerical energy equivalent of Shannon and Brillouin. Yelded in such a way LEW possessing abnormally (incredibly) high permeability properties, passes almost without attenuation through various obstacles (metallic screens, ferromagnetics and dielectrics, concrete and so on). Cellular nucleuses and their main component – DNA – excite solitons [Smelov, 2001] of the linked electron waves and hyper-acoustic fluctuation of liquid crystal chromosomic structures, that is electron-vibron fluctuations [Bersuker, 1976] or electron-nucleus wave fluctuation of DNA’s double helix. The said electron-vibron waves retransmit (dissipate) the received LEW back in to the vacuum (ether) and can be received by the other bo-systems similar to the first one (radiated by the primary LEW).
Owing to high corpulence (?)~1014  of all electron-vibron fluctuation systems, they possess high sensitivity estimated in terms of Planck’s quantum piece energy for one element of coherent fluctuating chain which can be a DNA spiral or cellular membrane. In  opend states DNA spirals, initiated by thermal motion in a living cell, electron-vibron fluctuations exist in the form of solitonic (helicoids, spiral, vortical) motions of atoms in the chain. These are so called Salerno-Maslovs solitons and these are capable of readinginformation from DNA-RNA “text” sequences. Emission/radiation by such “informational” solitons is generated by electron-vibron DNA and RNA fluctuations. Herewith scanned/read information from genetic molecules can be transmitted to other cells (and beyond the bio-system) in a relay mode employing mechanism of dissipation with LEW’s frequency alterations irradiated in to the area of radio frequencies and acoustic fluctuations. Along with this, informational radio emission of electron-vibron oscillations in the form of LEW at certain frequencies, in principle, can govern/operate biochemical processes. And the other way around, biochemical reactions in preparations being probed by the polarized laser light can generate electromagnetic radiofrequency oscillations. 
Due to probable wave genetic-symbolic bearing of the vortical solitonic states, initiated on DNA and RNA molecules in vivo, let’s look at these processes in more details. [Blagodatskix, Gariaev et al, 1996; Gariaev, 1997]
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