Wavegenetics device


The matrix Gariaev are produced with the help of a laser beam reflected from the object which is supposed to provide the matrix. In the vicinity of the laser a radio-receiver is installed, which captures the radio-waves in the necessary frequency range with subsequent recording to computer as a sound file.
For these applications only one type of laser is suitable – the LGN-303.
In order to create Dr. Gariaev’s matrix, an adjustment bench is being installed at a distance of 11 cm from the laser, upon which a photograph is placed, or a drop of blood, or some other substance, for instance a medicine. The beam is reflected back from that substance and returns to the laser. Near the laser there is a radio-receiver in the AM frequency band, which receives the radio-waves from the laser at about 600 kHz. From the radio-receiver the signal is directed to the sound card of the computer, where it is being recorded by any sound editor. For example, Gold Wave can be used. 







The "Noosphere Art Wave" Project.

The "Noosphere Art Wave" Project.







 Peter Gariaev, Toronto 2002


Peter Gariaev, Dubai 2010
Peter Gariaev, Ph.D., acad. Russian Acad. Natural Sci., acad. Russian Acad Medical/Technical Sci.
Phone in Russia: +7 9854340425
Skype:  wavegene3

The history of wave genetics has been developing for more than 80 years. In 20s and 30s of the last century Russian scientists, A G Gurwitsch and A A Lubishev postulated that not only does genetical apparatus of living organisms on the Earth operate at material, physical level but also at certain waves/fields level and is able to transfer genetic data/information via electromagnetic (EM) and acoustic waves. The science has recently taken a major leap in its advancements of the theory and reproducible experiments and thus the theory of wave genome has been put forward.



Linguistic Wave Genetics.






For the first time in the history of medicine, Doctor Nadezhda Ustinova reports full recovery in the case of “incurable” Cystic Fibrosis as a result of using the technology of Linguistic Wave Genetics

Patient: Anastasia July
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Testimony regarding the recovery of my daughter Alice July from Cystic Fibrosis via the application of Linguistic Wave Genetics.
March 9, 2011
My daughter Alice, age 2 years 9 months was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis in June 2008 in the Medical Center of Genetics, in Yekaterinburg, 52 Flostkaya Street.
Her body weight was 15.3 kg, height was 96 cm. She had difficulty in nasal breathing.  Her thorax had a correct shape. Nonetheless, she had medium-pronounced singular spasms of wheezing in all lung areas.  Outlines of her heart corresponded to the standards of her age group.  Her heartbeat was clear and rhythmical.  Her abdomen was not swollen, and had a rounded form.
Test results from February 2011 were as following.
Ultrasound had shown diffused parenchymal changes in liver and pancreas, and other symptoms of degeneration.
March 21, 2011
Nadezhda Ustinova (see photo), a physician of the highest category, a scientist at “The Institute of Quantum Genetics” and “NP Biology of the 21st century', suggested to Dr. Peter Garyaev, the head of these scientific institutions in Moscow, the brilliant idea of using the technology of Linguistic Wave Genetics for the treatment of cystic fibrosis.
Dr. Peter Garyaev recorded a specific polarizational (spin) spectrum from the photograph of Alice’s cousin. This spin spectrum is functioning, as explained by Dr. Peter Garieav, as an intermediate connection or link between Alice and her cousin via their universal hologram according to the Bohm, Vernardsky, and Berkovich.  This hologram contains all the information about Alice and her cousin, including cousin’s healthy functions, which resist Cystic Fibrosis. Precisely these functions, transmitted upon my daughter, had cured her. This is based, as explained by Dr. Peter Gariaev, upon the application of the famous postulate by Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen on the quantum non-locality of entangled elementary particles. In this case, this postulate refers to the non-locality of photons in a special laser scanning the photograph. We observe the phenomenon of entanglement and non-locality of three factors in the process of healing:
1. Photograph of healthy Alice’s cousin;
2. Photograph of sick Alice;
3. Photograph of the universal hologram, which represents all that exists, including humans.
Dr. Gariaev has converted this source polarizational spectrum, recorded from cousin’s photo, into sound at frequencies of human speech via special technology. This informationally charged sound has acted upon my daughter with the result of curing her. As I found out, such spectra have already been tested and have a powerful impact in case of other diseases as well. For five months, Alice is regularly listening four times a day to an audio program recorded from a photo of her sister. Let me emphasize that the previous drug-based treatment did not bring any improvement in Alice’s health condition, and this is true regarding all methods of treating Cystic Fibrosis. I think Dr. Gariaev’s technology is a break-through in the treatment of this disease, considered to be incurable.
All this time (five months) Alice feels good.  She was sick with cold only one time, with fever and cough just for two days. Currently, she has calm and steady breathing. She coughs rarely. Previously, every month, she had regular exacerbation of bronchitis with a constant cough during nighttime. In this respect, the situation is clearly improved.
July Family. 09/18/2011. Yekaterinburg.
Thank you, Nadezhda Ustinova, Dr. Peter Garyaev and their colleagues who made possible the recovery of my daughter!



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Gariaev P.P., Kokaya A.A., Leonova-Gariaeva E A., Muldashev E.R., Mikhina I.V.,
Smelov M.V., Tertishnii G.G., Tovmash A.V., Chalkin S.F., Shatrov Y.K., Yagujinski L.S.


* Disclaimer: This translation and English text editing have been done to the best knowledge and understanding of the translator who is not a specialist in the field although having a good understanding of Russian language and advanced level of English complemented with rather good understanding of basic physics and biology. The reader is encouraged to seek specialist opinion in any event. Extensive resources are used to understand the concepts in order for the translation to be s precise and accurate as possible. Where possible Russian abbreviations are to be preferred as they represent the most accurate references. An approach of  translating the concepts, not the discrete words, has been employed in a belief that this is the most appropriate form of conveying a thought and/or concept from one language into another; of course a detour from this mode is taken where deemed necessary for the sake of clarity.
  All authors have equally contributed to the research in this paper. 


2. Quantum teleportation of genetic-metabolic information/data in permissive version.

(based on works of  [Prangishvil ,Gariaev, Maksimenko et al., 2000(); http://www.wavegenetics.jino-net.ru/zip/Teleport.zip

The abovegiven biological experiments on remote transmission of morphogenetic, or more accurately – genetic-metabolic information/data from a donor to recipient may be interpreted from views of non-localized contacts in accordance with mechanics of quantum teleportation in permissive version/mode. The laser device, practically – quantum bio-computer (of which we mentioned before), apart from unique capability of wave transfer of morphogenetic information, can also perform a conversion of red coherent photons into radio waves of rather wide spectrum. These very waves – are candidates for the first act of scanning and transmitting.

Reading (scanning) and recording of localized light

 Spectrum of own excitations in any system is largely determined by its boundaries or surface. Common example of this sort of excitations is plasmon-polaritons on metal surface or surface (superficial) plasmons in tiny metal particles. Is it possible to read (scan off) spectrums (specific to this kind of excitation) and to record the onto some kind of data storage for purposes of prolonged storage and subsequent reading? We are going to discuss perspectives (prospects) and issues in the area of research.

Localized light and issues in quantum teleportation.

Absolutely unexpected application of ideas of light localization are found in the issues of quantum teleportation – instantaneous message “transmission” across randomly large distances. This promising area of research, having begun with works of [Bennet et al, 1993; Bouwmeester et al., 1997], attracts increasing attention from biologists. Let’s briefly remind the basic theses of classical quantum teleportation theory.
As is well known any wave functioning of photons’ couple (photon 2 and photon 3) each of which possesses two types of polarization (horizontal   and vertical   polarizations) can be divided/spread out onto four basic conditions (so-called Bell’s conditions) which form complete orthonorming system of functions [22]

Generation of radio waves under non-stiff light dissipation

In this section we qualitatively discuss one of the possible causes of radio wave generation by polarized laser-radio-wave spectrometer (PLRS). We will speak of new mechanism of stiff/non-elastic light dissipation in electronic systems – in this case in metallic layers of the mirror’s coating of the laser’s resonator being the main element of the spectrometer.

3. Molecular tissuey radio stations

 Additional theoretical approaches here, possibly, lie in effects of so called “weak ifluence” [Chukova, 2002]. Apparently regenerative and cytoprotective effects in our experiments bear endoergic character where even weakly absorbed energy of coherent red polarized laser light by the bio-preparations goes in to escalation of Helmholtz free energy accumulated in chemical relations of metabolites of bio-preparations, which leads to significant bio-effects. Atoms of informational molecules (DNA, RNA, proteins), interacting with the laser beam together with the energy of the light quanta also obtain their momentum quantity motion, which creates inversed overpopulation in nuclear zeeman levels, that is – chemical polarization of nucleuses occur. Quantum polarization exit, that is a number of excess kernel spins on the top Zeeman level correlated to the every absorbed quantum of light, can be 30%. Inversely populated protonic-spin system can issue quanta with 6,5∙10-26 Jouls of energy which correspond to frequencies of about 10Mhz [Buchachenko, 1979].

Mathematical Modeling of solitons on DNA

Mario Salerno was the first to experiment with solitons on DNA on computer not only as formal mathematical structures but also tried to link their behavior in a mono-dimensional space of poli-nucleotides with their bio-genetic, or more accurately with their epi-genetic functions. He had been developing the first soliton model on DNA proposed by Englander and et al. This model and its more detailed variations including ours (see further below) is represented in term of mechanical systems as a chain of oscillators (DNA base) linked by resilient non-linear sugar-phosphate connections. Following Salerno we have paid particular attention to objectively existing known DNA sequences and thei effects onto solitons behaviour.



Ha (PETR - ZDES 4toto BILO? Nadeyus ya ni4ego ne udalil otsuyda)

There exists another complication as well in relation to selfadjustment/coordination of biosolitons and electromagnetic wave of excessive radiation. Let’s remind that mathematical modeling in this case was conducted in respect of monotonous poly-A DNA and therefore remained obscure whether heterogenic normal sequence of DNA influences the dynamics of solitonic excitation in a molecule. For the purposes of verification/confirmation , as earlier, c-aread of DNA was taken on 3’-end of sarcoma virus of birds as a field of soliton launch on various sections of the polimer. This time a derivative of of the function was calculated to show demonstratively the motion of solitons.

Antenna Model

We have noted earlier (Gariaev, Maslova et all, 1996 (a); Gariaev, Maslova et all., 1996 (b)), that in the role of the main molecules perceiving external electromagnetic fields as a regulators – ar the proteins and especially metal containing. Functioning of a set of biological macro-moleculs (ferments in particular) is largely determined by processes occurring in the active centres surrounded by bio-polimer sequences having a sign topology. Based on this perception of informational bio-macro moleculs, it is normal to suppose that theyir interaction with physical fields external in relation to the biosystem and internal radiations leads to excitation dipolar-active fluctuations of monomers, forming the said chain, and they in turn induce fluctuation if the active centre. In toher words, such system will work as a peculiar antenna.

Gariaev P.P., Tertishni G.G., Tovmash A.V.

Experimental examination/investigation in vitro of holographic mapping and holographic transposition of DNA in conjunction with the information/data

pool encircling DNA .

New Medical Technologies, #9, pp 42-53 (2007)


Wave Genetic Bio-Management nanotechnologies.

Wave Genetic Bio-Management nanotechnologies. Theory and empirical evaluation Tertishnii G.G. and Gariaev  P.P. New medicine technologies, 7, p. 49-64 (2007)


The operation of the laser holographic-data converter

For the purpose of acquiring an insight into principles of operation of the laser holographic-data converter, which is in fact – quantum bio-computer (Ref 26), works of Denisuk U N on dynamic holography are of particular attraction (Ref 17). He has developed the basics of holographic imaging of material objects, including objects in motion in space-time (for instance Doppler holography).

Brief introduction into WaveGenetics

Its scope and opportunities

Gariaev Peter


The history of wave genetics has been developing for more than 80 years. In 20s and 30s of the last century Russian scientists, A G Gurwitsch and A A Lubishev postulated that not only does genetical apparatus of living organisms on the Earth operate at material, physical level but also at certain waves/fields level and is able to transfer genetic data/information via electromagnetic (EM) and acoustic waves. The science has recently taken a major leap in its advancements of the theory and reproducible experiments and thus the theory of wave genome has been put forward.



DNA Wave biocomputer functions

The problem of creation of the DNA-WAVE biocomputer is considered, in which one the storage locations on genetic molecules will be used. In the basis of tendered idea are trusted to experimental and theoretical activities of the writers, in which one a) to be demonstrated capacity of DNA to the laser, b) capacity of DNA to generate solitonic waves with memory, c) the phenomenon of transition of the localized photons in radio waves is revealed, d) the phenomenon of spectral storage of DNA by the localized photons is revealed, e) the transport phenomena of the genetic information in polarization modulations of an electromagnetic field is revealed at transition of a photon - radio wave. On the basis of these data the theory of wave genes is built, in which one the dualistic explanation of the genetic information as unity of material and wave encoding functions of the chromosomes is offered. The hypothesis quantum nonlocality of genome of higher organisms is offered. The set of the obtained outcomes allows the writers to suspect, that artificial DNA computing cannot be carried out to the full without the registration of listed properties of the genetic apparatus. Key pattern of the DNA-WAVE computer will be the phenomenon of DNA memory on solitons and on the localized photons with participation of quantum nonlocality of such memory.
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